Saturday, February 11, 2012 is ALIVE!!!

Hello everyone,
As you may know I've been incognito for a year or so. I have been busy writing and publishing a new book called the Haul Truck Operator Survival Guide and producing its companion educational website

The website and book fall under the Sales Savior Media umbrella and thus it seemed worth a mention. Plus the principles in The Salesman's Bible can be applied in so many different business opportunities it is truly amazing.

Haul truck operator prep although being on the other side of the galaxy in terms of vocation is where the road of life/adventure led me, and I have to say it has been nothing short of interesting. And who says you can't be great at a bunch of different things? I am playing chess with a grand master that only speaks Russian while giving myself a tattoo with a haul truck on it, writing this blog and performing a sales training class simultaneously lol.

So what is this new Sales Savior Media project all about?

Anyone thinking about a career in the oil sands has got to check out

Why? A one month non-accredited course at Keyano College in the Haul Truck program cost $6000 plus another thousand in miscellaneous fees and such. Basically, you spend $7000.00. If you do not get a co-op position (in some cases only 4 students will out of 15) you have just spent a lot of money with no place to go. Haul truck operator prep costs a ridiculously low $249 and contains 11 comprehensive learning modules including modern video, animations, quizzes, and more. It is taught by a teacher that really loves his job too (Me). So you can be sure it is geared toward you the student and keeping your interest.

You will learn everything they teach you at Keyano College and more. How would I know? Because I used to teach the Haul truck course at Keyano College, that's how! And yes, I drove some of the biggest trucks in the world at the Syncrude Canada Ltd. oil sands mine site.
I saw people coming from all across Canada in order to take the course at Keyano College. And with good reason. A job in the oil sands as a Haul Truck Operator means BIG bucks!
But the course at Keyano is very competitive. Haul Truck Operator Prep gives you a clear competitive advantage. You take the course and you will be hands-down above the rest. Plus you can take your time learning at and you can do it from the privacy of your own home. What is better than that?

But there is another VERY compelling reason for anyone thinking of Operating a Heavy Hauler (as we like to call them) to take the Haul Truck Operator Prep Course at and that is that it is the only site in the world that gives you resume writing and interviewing techniques coupled with a One-Stop HR Shop (which gives you the contact info for all the companies that we could find (a lot) that hire Haul Truck Operators. That means if the worst case scenario should happen (you take the Keyano Haul Truck Course and do not get selected for a Co-op position) you can return to and use your Plan B to get yourself a job. Plus, if you owe $7000 you're going to need one that pays good so you can take care of your business.

Haul truck training that is specifically geared towards the oil sands is what you will find at!

Is a Heavy Equipment Operator and a Haul Truck Operator the same thing? The way it works in the oil sands is that you start operating Haul Trucks. Over time you'll be qualified to operate all the different trucks operating in the mine. Next you will jump to another piece of equipment like a water truck, then maybe a grader, and then a dozer. The pinnacle of the hierarchy being a shovel operator. Thus you may have heard the term Heavy Equipment Operator. And yes they may have been referring to a Haul Truck Operator. Many Haul Truck Operators are capable of operating other pieces of equipment as well. But you gotta start somewhere.

Heavy haulers (ultra class dump trucks/mighty machines) are the biggest trucks in the world and you don't need a special license to operate them. You just need to know how and have a normal class 5 DL, a clean DL abstract, and be trained & authorized!

How can you find www.haultruckoperatorprep? Well of course you can type in the URL but I have to admit that today's blog was a rather self-serving attempt at some SEO for our new website.
So what does that mean?
It means the Sales Savior is still selling. Hallelujah!!!

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