Saturday, February 11, 2012 is ALIVE!!!

Hello everyone,
As you may know I've been incognito for a year or so. I have been busy writing and publishing a new book called the Haul Truck Operator Survival Guide and producing its companion educational website

The website and book fall under the Sales Savior Media umbrella and thus it seemed worth a mention. Plus the principles in The Salesman's Bible can be applied in so many different business opportunities it is truly amazing.

Haul truck operator prep although being on the other side of the galaxy in terms of vocation is where the road of life/adventure led me, and I have to say it has been nothing short of interesting. And who says you can't be great at a bunch of different things? I am playing chess with a grand master that only speaks Russian while giving myself a tattoo with a haul truck on it, writing this blog and performing a sales training class simultaneously lol.

So what is this new Sales Savior Media project all about?

Anyone thinking about a career in the oil sands has got to check out

Why? A one month non-accredited course at Keyano College in the Haul Truck program cost $6000 plus another thousand in miscellaneous fees and such. Basically, you spend $7000.00. If you do not get a co-op position (in some cases only 4 students will out of 15) you have just spent a lot of money with no place to go. Haul truck operator prep costs a ridiculously low $249 and contains 11 comprehensive learning modules including modern video, animations, quizzes, and more. It is taught by a teacher that really loves his job too (Me). So you can be sure it is geared toward you the student and keeping your interest.

You will learn everything they teach you at Keyano College and more. How would I know? Because I used to teach the Haul truck course at Keyano College, that's how! And yes, I drove some of the biggest trucks in the world at the Syncrude Canada Ltd. oil sands mine site.
I saw people coming from all across Canada in order to take the course at Keyano College. And with good reason. A job in the oil sands as a Haul Truck Operator means BIG bucks!
But the course at Keyano is very competitive. Haul Truck Operator Prep gives you a clear competitive advantage. You take the course and you will be hands-down above the rest. Plus you can take your time learning at and you can do it from the privacy of your own home. What is better than that?

But there is another VERY compelling reason for anyone thinking of Operating a Heavy Hauler (as we like to call them) to take the Haul Truck Operator Prep Course at and that is that it is the only site in the world that gives you resume writing and interviewing techniques coupled with a One-Stop HR Shop (which gives you the contact info for all the companies that we could find (a lot) that hire Haul Truck Operators. That means if the worst case scenario should happen (you take the Keyano Haul Truck Course and do not get selected for a Co-op position) you can return to and use your Plan B to get yourself a job. Plus, if you owe $7000 you're going to need one that pays good so you can take care of your business.

Haul truck training that is specifically geared towards the oil sands is what you will find at!

Is a Heavy Equipment Operator and a Haul Truck Operator the same thing? The way it works in the oil sands is that you start operating Haul Trucks. Over time you'll be qualified to operate all the different trucks operating in the mine. Next you will jump to another piece of equipment like a water truck, then maybe a grader, and then a dozer. The pinnacle of the hierarchy being a shovel operator. Thus you may have heard the term Heavy Equipment Operator. And yes they may have been referring to a Haul Truck Operator. Many Haul Truck Operators are capable of operating other pieces of equipment as well. But you gotta start somewhere.

Heavy haulers (ultra class dump trucks/mighty machines) are the biggest trucks in the world and you don't need a special license to operate them. You just need to know how and have a normal class 5 DL, a clean DL abstract, and be trained & authorized!

How can you find www.haultruckoperatorprep? Well of course you can type in the URL but I have to admit that today's blog was a rather self-serving attempt at some SEO for our new website.
So what does that mean?
It means the Sales Savior is still selling. Hallelujah!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Here & Gone

Another year has come and will soon be gone. 2010 was a year of redemption, personal vindication and growth for the Sales Savior. No new offices or operations to report as the Sales Savior has been enjoying a much earned retreat. I wish all of your endeavors are happy and successful in 2011. Happy New Year everyone!
As always, if you should have any questions about direct sales opportunities, please don't hesitate to ask. I will give your query all due consideration and send you an email with the answer. If I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to find out for you. The most important thing, is to keep trying; keep stretching; keep reaching; keep doing. You may not get whatever it is you are after today or tomorrow, but if you are consistently trying you will eventually get there. It only takes a little bit of effort and a grain or two of faith.
Be sure to keep on the lookout for the much anticipated sequel to The Salesman's Bible: What to Say, How to Say It & Why. The Salesman's Bible II: The Ethical Salesman is already on the table and if all goes as planned will hit store shelves this year 2011. I can let it slip that it is written in the style of a choose-your-own adventure book where the reader is asked to direct the course of book's outcome. Equipped with over 30 possible storyline endings, The Salesman's Bible II: The Ethical Salesman asks you the reader to try and make ethical decisions as you follow the main character through a series of direct selling and other ethical conundrums. If you choose wisely you will reveal the books answer to one of life's age old questions and find a truly biblical answer. But only a reader pure of heart can navigate this book's not-so-clear ethical choices. Are ye such an individual?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay my peeps. It is time to look into that crystal ball and determine which direction the wind is blowing in our industry.
First what about this so-called recession? Is it dire news for the direct sales industry? What is the bright side? Is there a bright side (ha ha)?
Here's what has been observed from the last recession. Newspaper or "cold hiring" becomes easier during these times, because the competition for jobs is much greater. Distributors will find that they are able to hire persons with better education, and with better quality lead markets. If it is a "Buyers" market in housing, it is a good time for hiring!
Consumers may be looking for something a little more geared toward saving money in the presentation, which gives Dealers, Representatives, and Distributors an opportunity to focus the sales demo/presentation on how the functions of the product can help cut the costs/bills of the consumer. More people spend their money in hopes of saving money than simply for the reward of having purchased another product. If your selling a product that's over $1000 it is not likely an impulse purchase so that means selling on emotion (getting the customer excited) might not be enough to prevent "Buyer's remorse".

Let's take a look at an example. During a recession homeowners will rarely put off fixing a leaking roof, even if it costs them $2-3K to do it. So what does that have to do with us? What we have to examine is why consumers will put off some purchases during a recession and yet not put off others. Let's assume that the consumer has heard that his company has laid off workers due to the recession. It is probable that he might become concerned about his own job health and thus put off a future purchase. But, that same person will not put off the leaking roof. Let's go one step further with this story. Suppose the consumer is one of these "I only pay cash" types (but not because of poor credit-but rather to avoid interest charges). He might object to a purchase because of concerns about his job and also confide that his company has cut back on available over-time work and thus he can not afford the product purchase (in cash). But, this doesn't apply to a leaky roof does it?
Not only will a consumer fix a leaking roof, but if he can’t afford to pay cash he will purchase the product on payments even with the interest charges being what they may be.
This same psychology applies to an irreparable refrigerator.
If the consumer does not fix the leaking roof it may cause increased damage to the house and eventually cost even more money to repair. If the consumer does not get a new refrigerator, the food will continue to spoil and again cost the consumer even greater sums. It is the job of the product presenter to make a presentation that encourages the consumer to purchase based on a savings now, and a reduced cost or increasing savings over time. If this is successful, the consumer will gladly make the purchase, and even pay for the product over time regardless of the interest (so long as the monthly savings is greater than the monthly expenditure; or in the event that the overall savings counter balances the increase in their monthly spending.
So there’s some recession thoughts to think about!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Main Event "Open House"

Celebrating a fantastic "Open House" (a meeting dedicated to the growth of your business where new potentially interested persons come to learn about your opportunity) takes planning, focus, dedication, commitment, investment, motivation & fun.
Perhaps you've attempted an "Open House" in your area that felt more like a "secret" meeting. You know the meeting that feels like it must have been a secret because not too many people showed up. Never fear because the Sales Savior is dedicating this blog to the art of the successful "Open House". So what are the top 10 rules to having a successful "Open House"?
  1. Invite everyone you meet or do a demo for to come. That means telling them where, when, and a little bit of what. Don't try to "make a long story short" by telling people too much. Remember it was curiosity that caught the cat. You want to say something to make prospects curious enough to make time in the busy schedules to attend. You want them to feel like they will enjoy themselves (have fun) and learn about a fantastic potential opportunity at the same time.
  2. Pick up every potential recruit! 100% of every potential recruit you pick up, will show up for your "Open house". It is natural for your potential recruits to sound excited about attending your open house when your energy is still lingering in the air, but later to cool off a bit. After this cooling off period it is easy for them to forget about their commitment to attend your "Open House". After work they may come home and begin to unwind from their busy day. Remember Newton's first law of motion: "An object at rest tends to stay at rest... ...unless acted upon by an unbalanced force". You must be that "Force". No, I'm not saying you're unbalanced, despite everything your friends have said lol.
  3. Make this meeting regular and SPECIAL! Serve some food, hang the banners, balloons and special posters, turn on the exciting music. Plan out what you will say and do for the whole meeting: Choreograph everything. For example: When you are introduced you might have someone crank up some exciting music while your key people start the clapping. Then have the music fade as you are beginning to speak. The same can be done while you introduce and say some kind words about your key people (instilling pride). They may take a few moments to explain their story or what they love about the business. Plan to giveaway several prizes through fun draws or games held throughout the one hour meeting.
  4. Remember the "3 Factors of Motivation." What are they and in what order? The first motivating factor is love. People will do things for love that they would never do for money. So let them feel the family spirit of your business. You care about your people, so show it. The second motivating factor is Pride. Give your people something to feel proud of. Recognize them with titles, pins, awards, and recognition. Praise them 10x more than you ever criticize. The last motivating factor is money. Of course everyone wants to make money. But it is a good rule of thumb to under promise and over deliver. New recruits will sense the enjoyment your people have working for you and this will bode well for your "Open house" success.
  5. Share your Contests. You can put together a MS Powerpoint presentation or play a Cruise video (get this free from a travel agency), but by all means share your contests. If you don't have any then you know what's wrong. Not only do you want to share your contests but you have to share your "Winners". What if nobody wins my contests? That means they're too hard to win, or your people aren't motivated by them. In any case these scenarios are bad for your business. The more valuable the prize, the harder we make them to achieve. But if nobody wins, the motivation factor is reduced now and in the future. Maybe make the prize less valuable and easier to achieve. The important thing is to have winners to celebrate. Perhaps a range of prizes. Lots of easily achieved prizes, a few that are more valuable and moderately difficult to achieve, and a limited number of more valuable prizes that have the greater difficulty to achieve. This way everyone in your organization is motivated. Remember the idea is to give prizes away. Not to invest in them and then recycle them through contest after contest. You may think you're saving (Distributor mentality) but your eye is not on the prize. Remember we are in business to MAKE money. You can only save money if you're making it. So never save money at the expense of making money. Share your contests with potential new recruits and they will want to join in the fun. Remember that "Love" trumps "Money" in the 3 factors of motivation. More recruits will want to join your organization to win a new BBQ or TV than if you promise them an extra hundred dollars.
This blog will have to be continued but I'll see you next time. Until then crank up your "Open house" efforts. With the recession of 2009 taking its toll on jobs, there are a lot of people more attentive to your opportunity right now: Take advantage of that.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Powerful Gemini Effect

Here is another example of a powerful method for obtaining leads. In Canada, business owners/Distributors can take advantage of Canada Post's direct unaddressed admail utility to send out a mailer. Canada Post's business center even allows you to avoid the areas of a city that might be unfavorable to your business due to certain demographics.
So what is the Gemini Effect?
Perhaps slightly over simplified and yet profoundly accurate, direct sales boils down to two twin governing powers. First "people" or human resources, and second presentations or places to go and people to see. When your business can come up with systems that can not only procreate each of these, but also balance and retain them you will have a business infrastructure that is in a position to succeed BIG time!
I hope this gives you another idea about what is possible with a direct mail campaign for gaining leads/presentations. This particular card generated over 600 calls from a drop of about 13,000 cards in the Cornwall, ON area in 2009. Which brings me to my next point. Make sure you're prepared. I highly recommend a phone system and 3-6 people to answer the calls depending on how many cards you're dropping and over what period of time (frequency). Whenever you can increase the number of people you have presenting your product you will see a corresponding swelling in your bank account. That is why every successful idea should be shared in your organization just as every tried methodology and protocols with negative results should be. This can save a lot of people a lot of money too. As always good luck, God bless and happy selling!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where you at dog???

Yeah I know I've been MIA for a while. I've tried to login and update the blog from time to time, but computer error issues have held up the train. But as you can see, the drought is over! So my last blog was all about the scratch cards. Since then I found that is NOT a reliable supplier. However, let me tell you who is: out of the USA. The quality of their work is really great! We got great results with this card. When I say great picture your phones ringing off the hook like a Jerry Lewis telethon. We dropped 18,000 cards and took 300 calls booking 182 appointments the first day. The rest of the days continued the same for over a week. I highly recommend this program if you have the dealers to do the demos. Cost was $1800.00 for 20,000 with discounts for greater volume. If you're ready to go BIG then I recommend using the following Chinese supplier. Haven't tested their quality, but they claim to be able to meet expectations and charge decent prices shipping included. The contact person is: Nicole Hsu. Her email She quotes 4 cents per card (Qty 100,000 or more).
Recently I produced what I call "The digital demo book". A presentation book that uses MS Power Point to play from a notebook computer. It is truly amazing! It contains credible video clips and animation sequences that make it a 21st century support tool. Skeptics wonder if the digital demo book really works. After recent tests in the field I have the answer. Yes! At first there was a predictable boost in sales while my dealers satisfied their curiosities, but I was then able to observe a 15% increase in sales across the board. The "Digital Demo Book" saves a lot of printing costs so it is definitely a "greener" product than its paper and binder counterpart. No more long paper trains running across the meeting room floors. The video clips and the Powerpoint presentation itself are large files so as of yet they cannot simply be emailed, and if you try to play the presentation from a disk there's a one second delay for every video to start up. However, if you actually load the files onto your notebook, it works like a charm. No description can really do it justice (you have to see it to be able to quantify a value). It is very easy to make changes to the digital demo book as you may have guessed. I store the files on an external hard drive and then load them directly to my dealers notebooks.
Well that's it for now folks. If you're interested in the digital demo book shoot me an email. If you can send me a copy of your physical demo book, I can show you what's possible (for a reasonable fee for the time-but well worth the results). I can show you a sample.
Take good care and happy selling.
P.S. Buy more copies of "The Salesman's Bible" and don't forget to tell your friends.
Sales Savior

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here's something useful for all my peeps!!!

So you want more DEMOS!!! Right? can make you scratch cards that you can leave at people's homes and then wait for the calls to come pouring in. Best of Luck to you & yours. Here's a sample of a card I came across.

On another note business is booming as usual. We sold 98 net units last month and can only predict things will be getting even bigger as we are introducing our own scratch card this month. My people are all making thousands of dollars every week and love the business. Chow for now.