Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where you at dog???

Yeah I know I've been MIA for a while. I've tried to login and update the blog from time to time, but computer error issues have held up the train. But as you can see, the drought is over! So my last blog was all about the scratch cards. Since then I found that is NOT a reliable supplier. However, let me tell you who is: out of the USA. The quality of their work is really great! We got great results with this card. When I say great picture your phones ringing off the hook like a Jerry Lewis telethon. We dropped 18,000 cards and took 300 calls booking 182 appointments the first day. The rest of the days continued the same for over a week. I highly recommend this program if you have the dealers to do the demos. Cost was $1800.00 for 20,000 with discounts for greater volume. If you're ready to go BIG then I recommend using the following Chinese supplier. Haven't tested their quality, but they claim to be able to meet expectations and charge decent prices shipping included. The contact person is: Nicole Hsu. Her email She quotes 4 cents per card (Qty 100,000 or more).
Recently I produced what I call "The digital demo book". A presentation book that uses MS Power Point to play from a notebook computer. It is truly amazing! It contains credible video clips and animation sequences that make it a 21st century support tool. Skeptics wonder if the digital demo book really works. After recent tests in the field I have the answer. Yes! At first there was a predictable boost in sales while my dealers satisfied their curiosities, but I was then able to observe a 15% increase in sales across the board. The "Digital Demo Book" saves a lot of printing costs so it is definitely a "greener" product than its paper and binder counterpart. No more long paper trains running across the meeting room floors. The video clips and the Powerpoint presentation itself are large files so as of yet they cannot simply be emailed, and if you try to play the presentation from a disk there's a one second delay for every video to start up. However, if you actually load the files onto your notebook, it works like a charm. No description can really do it justice (you have to see it to be able to quantify a value). It is very easy to make changes to the digital demo book as you may have guessed. I store the files on an external hard drive and then load them directly to my dealers notebooks.
Well that's it for now folks. If you're interested in the digital demo book shoot me an email. If you can send me a copy of your physical demo book, I can show you what's possible (for a reasonable fee for the time-but well worth the results). I can show you a sample.
Take good care and happy selling.
P.S. Buy more copies of "The Salesman's Bible" and don't forget to tell your friends.
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