Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where have I been???

Hey all you direct selling elite. I've been in St. Catharines, ON Canada working on building an office. That means lot's of hours with my nose to the grind stone, hiring, training and mentoring new people. That Ad hiring has been "Okay" here, however blastoff weekends have been a little under standard. However, we have developed some great starter relationships that we hope will blossom into life-long friendships with successful entrepreneurs like yourself.
We've been giving away money and prizes as usual. I rode with a new dealer last night and saw what it was like to be in the field again. And I have to tell you, it felt great. There's no better feeling than writing up another order (which I did) after I performed a great demo to the delight of both the people and my trainee. Hopefully he learned something that will help him sell more in the future. The wife and I are planning a month long vacation in the Philippines in December with a quick stop in Japan on the way there, and another stop in Bankok, Thailand on the way home. I always wanted to wear the orange robe of a monk while in Thailand. Plus I can't think of a better reason. We plan to do some scuba diving in some amazing caves that are full of natural forming under water crystals. Also I always wanted to plant rice in the rice fields with one of those round, pointy straw hats. We're going to do some humanitarian work while we are there as well. While I was typing up this post we got another call from a dealer with a sale (by check) so I'm typing the rest with a smile :)
I apologize if I haven't checked in for a bit, but this business places heavy demands on my wife Marionette and I so I can't always keep up as I would like. The book is selling like hotcakes, so let me say "thank-you" to all you loyal fans. I haven't really been promoting the book, but is part of my plan. So for now you can call it: "The best kept secret" in direct sales! But if you haven't gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for. Your dreams won't come to you! You have to reach out and take advantage of opportunities. If you're not selling as many units as you would like, how long will you wait, doing demos that aren't quite good enough to get you the sale? The knowledge you need is right here in the book waiting for you! You simply have to get up the courage to take control of your future. While I'm enjoying all the success you can suck out of the marrow of life, I'll be waiting for you.
Best regards,
Stephen C. Young

Here are just a few of my recent trainees...
(Top to bottom-big pics)
Horassias (EB) Balabyekkubo in red
Mat Franchi in front of the office sign
Aurora Sedgmore the office femme fatale. Jay Wallace in the office lobby & Spencer LaChapelle (aka Frodo as in the Lord of the Rings)
Left to right at the top (small pics)
Mellissa March & her man Sean Stewart
Pastor Ken & his recruit Foday, and last but not least Mary, Mary, quite contrary!


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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you knew how to contact Horassias (EB) Balabyekkubo. I met him this past year and have not been able to reach him.